El Chubasco PC has a broad range of services we can provide our clients. We know that technological advancement grows continuously and we are always up to date. Check out the things that we can do for you. Get the best services only from El Chubasco PC.

Network Systems


If you don’t have any network system yet or if you are looking to have it upgraded. We can do the job for you. You will not have anything to worry because we make sure that we have a reliable backup as a protection for all your important files.

Communication Channels


It is imperative for any firm to have secure communication channels. We are all aware that we are now in a fast pace generation whereas things change quickly. If you have an out-dated communication system, it can affect your business.



Most of the companies use CRM these days to keep track of all their transactions, sales, expenses and other things. We specialize in installing these applications to make sure that your business will be running smoothly.



New systems can be hard to use. El Chubasco PC provides training to ensure that the software will be utilized efficiently by the people. We don’t just install and leave. Only El Chubasco PC will make sure that you are already an expert in navigating through the new system before we leave.

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