The Way to Keep Your Toilet Sparkling Clean: 8 Easy Tips

Cleaning the toilet is never enjoyable–several roommates and couples fight on it, but some take turns, while still others hire a maid to take action. “Have you noticed the bathroom?! I am not scrubbing it!” They might say. And, the more everybody stops cleaning it, the more difficult it becomes.

However, what if I told you it’s simple to get your toilet in tip-top form? I did some digging and discovered that consistently cleaning it helps stop the toilet from getting the grossest area in the home.

Here are a few suggestions about the best way best to keep it super tidy daily. 2 Brothers Plumbing provide great plumbing service in South Yarra. After all, you don’t know when a company’s coming, and should don’t keep it clean for them, then at least maintain it clean for your own.

1. Utilize Sandpaper
Have a hard-to-remove stain onto a solid-surface synthetic bathtub or tub? Yep. Then buff with a clean cloth and you are all set, based on Consumer Reports.

2.Strive baby oil.
Put some on a soft fabric, and your tap will be ready to go very quickly, says Spring Cleaning Tips.


3.  Vinegar Cleans Chrome Too
Spring Cleaning Tips also indicates vinegar (among the all-time cleaning faves) in a spray bottle; lemon with baking soda–by cutting it in half and sprinkle baking soda onto it, then rinsing with warm water and buffing dry; also great old soap and water (afterward, be sure to buff it dry to avoid water marks).

4. Lemon Juice & Borax Eliminate Water Stains
When there’s a blue-green stain in your tooth surfaces, then your tap might be leaking, says Consumer Reports. After a few minutes, then use a plastic scrub pad onto it, then rinse it off with warm water. Buff dry and that is that!

5. Wash Your Shower Head At Vinegar
To receive your showerhead so tidy, you can see your reflection in it, then soak it from vinegar instantly, per Alisha Marie’s YouTube video and also our shower hacks.

6. Squeegee Your Shower & Tub After Each Use
Better Living recommends having a toilet squeegee to clean out the bathtub after you get from it. If you get to this squeegee habit, then you prevent mildew and bacteria (eww) in sticking around in the bathtub.

You probably already use a squeegee in your shower glass doors or doors. Otherwise, you ought to. It is going to block the accumulation of water marks along with calcium deposits. Pro Village comes with an effortless video tutorial about this, and everything you want is water cleaning goods needed.

Once more, vinegar into the rescue in regards to cleaning your bathroom. The acid is great in eliminating stains, and that we enjoy How Stuff Works’ method.

Only add three cups of vinegar to the bathroom and wash away unwelcome marks together with your brush.

You may also use vinegar as a preventive measure by inserting two cups into the bathroom bowl every month.
7. Remove Toilet Stains With Vinegar & Borax
Borax powder functions contrary to bathroom stains, also, but you need to turn off the water source to the cylinder first. Then, place the powder to the stains, clean the bathroom, and make it for approximately 30 minutes using the remaining borax. Later, turn the water supply back on and then flush the toilet–and it must look like fresh.

8. Frequently Wash Your Toilet Brush
After using your bathroom brush frequently, it has to be cleaned, also, and Cleanipedia’s suggestion is really simple. Simply fill a bucket with hot water, then add 2-3 capfuls of bleach (visit your particular bottle of bleach to get additional information), leave your toilet brush in the way for approximately one hour. Wash it under warm water and it’s ready for use again.

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