The Difference of Bookkeeping and Accounting

Bookkeeping and accounting are just some of the few words that are commonly interchanged and used wrongly. In this article, bookkeeping and accounting will be discussed properly, and it is now the right time that you should know the difference between these two terms.

book keeping and accounting

What is bookkeeping?

According to the business dictionary, the bookkeeping is defined as the process and action of recording daily financial transactions which follow a definite process and procedure in a cyclical manner. It is the act of recording daily transactions in a routine manner; every day there are different financial flow, but the bookkeeping processes and procedures are still the same. Just think of bookkeeping as the foundation of all your financial records and data.

What is Accounting?

In the business terms, accounting is used to describe the setting up of the overall bookkeeping monitoring system. The monitoring system is functioning and working the way it should and can interpret all the data and information in the system. Accountants are the ones who will guide the bookkeepers to see the business world in the accountant’s perspective or point of view. Therefore, accounting is a little more subjective than the bookkeeping or than the transactional.

Why Do You Have To Know These Things?

Even if you are not a businessman nor someone who is taking up a business course or accounting course, knowing the basic concepts of bookkeeping and accounting is very important. Even when you do not even own a company, having the idea and knowledge about bookkeeping and accounting will help you keep track and control your personal financial flow as well like you are just keeping records when you happen to own a company.

But for those businessmen and company owners, knowing these things is very important because money is what keeps the company and business going and growing. Money is the source of all the products and services being given to the clients and customers. There is a certain two-way relationship between the money and the people.

Most of the companies and businesses focus on the result of earning and getting money. But with the right knowledge about bookkeeping and accounting, the companies and businesses will be guided not just on the result of making and earning money but on the overall processes and procedures of how to do bookkeeping and accounting. Learn more at AIMBC.

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