Impulse Vending Machines

A high percentage of buying from vending machines is impulse buying.

The day has turned hotter and so the person who has been out walking decides that they need a cold drink. Maybe that autumn day turned colder and a hot cup of coffee or bowl of soup would make the shopping a person has to do go faster. People do sometimes go to the vending machines to buy because they are close to their home or office and they know that a quick snack, a drink or a sandwich is readily available by this means. But there are some vending machines that depend totally on impulse purchases because of the type of machines that they are.

Some of the impulse vending machines that would be included in this group would be weight machines. No one goes out just to weigh themselves. Yet it may strike someone’s fancy to see what the weighing machine has to say because they happen upon one when they are in the mall. These machines frequently in addition give a person a list of their lucky numbers, to use in the lottery, and their fortune. They are a novelty item and because of the duality of languages in the United States they are usually available to the public in English, Spanish or both. The language chosen depends on the location of the vending machine.

The love meter machine is there for the consumer to test their sexiness. Some of them work on the premise that the consumer puts their hand down on the sensors on the machine and it will read their fortune and tell them about their love life. If you hire vending machine in Perth you can visit These are very popular. There are a variety of these fortune telling type machines and they are especially popular because many people who would not go to a real fortune teller would gladly put some coins into a machine for a glimpse at their future even though they know it is merely a machine spouting random predictions. It is entertaining.

Heart Rate and Blood Pressure vending machines fall into this category as well. It is surprising how many people will check their heart rate or blood pressure with the local drug store vending machines but would not go to the doctor to see if they are all right. Sometimes the ability to look for themselves appeals to people with certain medical conditions who find visits to the doctor unpleasant experiences. Similar machines can test a person’s stress level as well.

There are even machines that test the strength of the passing consumer. It will talk and jeer at the person competing against it. With its blinking eyes it will challenge its competitor to a battle for supreme strength. This machine, more often used by the male population, has been found to be very entertaining at bars and other locations where a bunch of men might hang out.

No matter what kind of vending machine is out there someone will want the products that are being sold through it.