Government volte-face on Sunday working

Blogging for Myself: October 2011

After proclaimed in the fall that Sunday work should remain an exception, the government increases the encouraging signs to his supporters. Last achieved on the appointment to the rank of Knight of the Legion of Honor boss Bricorama strong supporter of Sunday work. Decorated by the Ministry of Arnaud Montebourg, he explained in the pages of Journal du Dimanche decoration he had been given it a few months ago and he had at the time refused. "I was very angry that my competitors have the right to open on Sundays and not me. "Since then, Jean-Claude Bourrelier has succeeded, with the publication in January of a government decree allowing DIY stores to open on Sundays.

It seems they finally succeeded. A report by Gilbert Cette, close to François Hollande and Martine Aubry will be presented in the coming days to Laurent Fabius, Michel Sapin, François Rebsamen and Fleur Pellerin, said on Wednesday Europe 1. Offers several ways to boost the activity of shops, including the expansion of the list of professions allowed to open on Sundays and specific authorization for businesses large stations. Proposals that will delight tourists but will surely irritate unions, fierce defenders of Sunday rest. to discover more

The letter Bondi: “Berlusconi support Renzi, Forza Italy has failed”

"Dear Director, my impression is that the center is not only divided but lacks a strategy for the future." The letter – sent to The Associated Press – port at the bottom of the signing of Sandro Bondi, one of the men symbol of Berlusconi, always faithful knight of the former and not new, in the past, real acts of "blind militancy" to the founder and leader of Forza Italy. The former minister of cultural heritage, however, this time using harsh tones to his party: "Remember – he writes – a huge problem that affects the identity of the center in Italy." In the viewfinder, in particular, the arrival of Matteo Renzi at Palazzo Chigi and that of Pope Francis.

Bondi comes to praise the Prime Minister: "It is – he explains – no doubt the first real break in the Italian left from its communist tradition." It also explains: "Blair is Thatcher as Renzi is to Berlusconi." In short, the Italian center for the time has come to recognize that the "liberal revolution", repeatedly invoked by Berlusconi, there was: "Could not get it – said the former minister – because its main allies, Fini Casini, from La Russa Bossi except liberals were. " What to do? Arrived at this puntop you need to decide whether to make tough opposition Renzi oppoure to support him in his major impetus. Bondi writes: "I would like to say clearly that if Berlusconi Renzi make things right will support him and that if I criticize him and firmly avverserà only if it will not keep his promises of change and modernization of Italy." Go here to read more

Gay marriage, one year after: “Against Homophobia, do not go to sleep!”

Can you have a "rational" opinion against gay marriage and not be ...

Much! At the individual level: simply a great happiness, a lifetime commitment for another. There is a year I was in the gallery of the Palais Bourbon to attend the voting members of the majority Рand a few brave Republicans UMP as Franck Riester or IDU Borloo, J̩go or Lagarde Рthe opening of marriage to all and all. I was there with that, a few months later, fill my heart with happiness with a "yes" as expected and hoped.

One would think (hope) that this gathering loses its virulence: its members could reasonably be aware that the group effect outweighs many excesses and ultimately take and fully aware of the illegality of the "cause" that they defended.

Unfortunately for our Republic, there is nothing and the AKI for all music continues its retrograde small and selfish. . . Overall, the persistence of this movement can not be analyzed without this phenomenon clearly set what the rise of right-wing extremism and normalizing these values ​​to reject the other.

Why would they be silent? Surely for electoral reasons. Is this legitimate? Certainly not! In doing so, they left as they betray betray their values ​​and for which they were elected. I wish these "shameful" left answer this simple question: in the name of electoral interests, should we be silent face to those who say the rejection of the other must be the way forward? Should we say amen to extremists? The France of human rights does not she deserves to defend against the obscurantism?

Yes, the party will be good for "1 year" marriage for all, the holiday that celebrates and finally recognizes heterosexual and homosexual love. Continue reading

The electoral campaign and the work that there is no

VK Singh: I Have Left Transformation Work Unfinished - The New ...

There is an error, first of all cultural, in the compromise decree on the work done in the House. The idea that sanctions do jobs. And it is all the more striking when it is realized as it would take more lax rules and a lighter tax to catch the best wind of the recovery (the surge in orders for machine tools of yesterday is a sign, not yet consolidated, for a change of pace ).

Unfortunately, the needs of 'economy' pre-electoral 'were not in the halls of Parliament, those of the' "real economy." From what has been inspired – if not by mistake that for some becomes a cultural flag – who has reintroduced the minimum of 20% of full-time trainees must be taken at the end of the period of combined school and work? It is clear that the work is perfect theme for election campaigns; the partial disassembly of the decree Poletti made in committee in the House is a tribute paid to the vote on 25 May. And the showdown inside the Democratic Party that, in a symmetric way, is mirrored in that between Ncd and Forza Italy. Once again it's been tampered with the balance of the text prepared by the Minister with the clear objective to give a positive shock to the labor market among the worst in Europe. That shock, fueled especially the slaughter of the constraints to job creation and recruitment, after a month of parliamentary debate has lost impact. It's up to the Senate to restore vigor and polish to that reform. While waiting for the jobs act to take a less random and give strength to the reformist strategy of Matteo Renzi and Giuliano Poletti starting with the contract protections gradual and revision of the employment centers with the opening to mixed forms public-private partnerships.

The decree on labor remains a tool part, although very relevant to the issues that is. It is important that the forward contract has maintained a period of 36 months with no indication of the reason, even if he had to "give" three possibilities of extension (reduced from 8 to 5). It is a strong weighting the obligation of transformation into full-time employment upon successful completion of 20% of the total workforce on temporary contracts. He is the son of a negative view of the company, and the only result to reduce the real potential of the application (because the company fears the disproportionate constraints and creates less salary). Would have been better to follow the path indicated by the same Poletti, a possible administrative sanctions. But in recent weeks over the top does not have the common sense citizenship. Another threshold was reintroduced for apprenticeship after the decree had instead removed the constraint stabilization required by law Fornero. What had been hailed as positive attention now turns to the world of regression and negative shock to those assumptions has to do really.

The work is not done by decree, of course, but it can certainly prevent a wrong decree to create all the work creatable. It would be fatal for a country with 42.3% of youth unemployment. It would be just as deadly if the government does not put his hand to the theme of social safety nets. The restart of the machine tool orders demonstrates how investments are coming; So with time delayed physiological you can expect even a long wave of recovery in employment. A finance layoffs in derogation of the end of 2013 and mid-2014 serves a billion and a half; Pier Carlo Padoan, the minister has assured that it will. And if this happens inside a large, long-awaited reform of social safety nets, will be even better. For now, it is good news: it would have been absurd to have resisted so much clinging to a ledge and then give up just when they're coming for help. We also recommend reading

Married (gay) Year I: men, older and urban

Impressions...: Minis: J.L. Merrow, Annika Martin

"Vives married (s)", Libération headline, there is a year battery. April 23, 2013, after 5000 amendments and 136 hours of fiery debates in the Chamber, the marriage law for all was adopted by 331 deputies. Ten abstained. And 225 voted against, without Hervé Guaino which, however furiously opposed to gay marriage, had the wrong button, pressing the "yes" in a beautiful parapraxis …

In three out of five cases, details INSEE are married men. Patrick's finding Bloche, the former mayor of PS XI arrondissement of Paris. Strong supporter of same-sex unions, Bloche had set as a personal challenge to celebrate "as much as possible." He kept a good pace, 122 couples married between June 10 and 12 April, when he gave his scarf to another elected PS. The former mayor said he also married few young. "Often, these couples had ten, twenty, thirty-five years together! Yes, I married many retirees. "According to INSEE, the average age of married men in 2013 was 50 years and 43 years for women.

Last summer, facing the wrath of associations, Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs promised to resolve the issue … "But nothing has changed since," says Philippe Columbus, the ARDHIS association that advocates for the right of homosexuals to immigration. "We now hope that the situation is released quickly by the courts. "The deDominique and Mohammed, a Franco-Moroccan wedding couples prevented case was brought before the Court of Cassation. "They won at first instance and on appeal. Hopefully the judges will give them reason to quash and take a decision in principle applicable to all, "he said, without being able to say how many binational couples are deprived of marriage. Also check this

Tokyo celebrates a state visit

North Korea abductees minister opts for early trip to Yasukuni ...

Japanese officials gargle the status of "state visit" Barack Obama will happen tonight in Tokyo and will leave Friday morning for a brief stay in South Korea. Yet this protocol, which includes several ceremonies with the Emperor, barely conceals the complicated relationship between their two capitals. The U.S. administration openly annoyed provocations Shinzo Abe (photo) and his family (visit the Yasukuni Shrine, rewriting textbooks, revisionist comments …) against China but also South Korea , another great ally of Washington in the area. The United States needs cooperation between Seoul and Tokyo to manage the North Korean threat and to monitor longer-term rise of China. Barack Obama and Abe should still announce a strengthening of their defense agreements. The Japanese government is pushing for a U.S. firm stance on the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, which are administered by Tokyo but loudly claimed by Beijing. But such a statement is unlikely, as it would be seen as an affront by China. Get additional information here

Rajoy calls on Catalonia 'imagination' to provide solutions for coexistence

Its A Funny Old World ยป Spain

Really. Let's do a referendum in Spain, because only the Spaniards have the right to decide the future of our nation, indeed the most ancient nation of modern Europe. But I think many Spaniards will vote in one direction, expel the region of Catalonia, because if they do not want to be with us, well look, not many want to be with them. Each hold your candle stick. They will have the financiacin not you will want to have and they'll According stealing, thing, on the other hand should give them shame, because many Spaniards paid a lot of money in taxes, but anyway, what s that is clear is that the "little" money given to them have no idea of ​​managing it, because they have the greatest debt of Spain with Andalusian, so do not be walk too far in terms of lack of administration. All of them! But for me, FUEEEEEEERA Also read

Embargoed until April 23 01.01UHR snout saver changed lifestyle – Cultural Evolution in the sea: dolphins use tools

Several years ago, researchers had observed that some dolphins pick in the Western Australian Marine Shark Bay sponges and keep them so that they protect the sensitive snout before prickly, sharp and poisonous things in the rooting in the ground. Investigations showed that the behavior is learned: Dolphin mothers pass it to their offspring continue, especially to their daughters.

Captures was also whether the animals – like all sponge users – living in the poorer fish deep water areas of the Bay. In the long-term food was about the content of certain fatty acids in the fat layer of the animals, the so-called blubber, closed. The composition is different in bottlenose dolphins of the same deep water layer – depending on whether or not to use these sponges, the result of the analysis. With the tool use a new hunting ground has shaped itself.

The sponge users had conquered a previously inaccessible ecological niche, the researchers write. In order to compete with conspecifics will considerably reduced. This could be a reason that the Tümmlerdichte in Shark Bay is as high as in almost any other habitat of mammals. Currently there took 60 percent of those living in deeper water zones female dolphin sponges as snout saver. In the males, the proportion lies between 25 and 50 percent. More on this topic

Gay marriage Montpellier two months suspended for homophobic slurs during the first gay marriage in France

France's Hollande signs gay marriage law - World Gazette - All the ...

Administrative policy is implemented shortly before the Revolution and intensified under the July Monarchy and the Second Empire. Persons identified as homosexual, homosexuals and prostitutes and transvestites are compiled and stuck in the "records pederasts". It was not until 11 June 1981 to see the dissolution of the Monitoring Group of Gays in the Prefecture of Police of Paris and the circular of 12 June 1981 Defferre limit the filing of homosexuals and identity checks.

In sharp contrast to most Petainists laws, it is not repealed the Liberation. The paragraph is slightly modified and moved to paragraph 3 of Article 331 to punish: <blockquote> "by imprisonment of six months to three years and a fine of 60 francs to 15,000 francs whoever committed an indecent act against nature with an individual of the minor twenty-one sex. "</ blockquote> As for homosexual deportees, they get no recognition or compensation.

June 11 Defferre, Interior Minister and Mayor of Marseille, removes the control group of homosexuals to the police headquarters and files concerning. On June 12, the Ministry of Health announced that it no longer accepts the presence of homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses WHO.

Six months after the beginning of the discussion, Article 331, paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code is finally repealed. The vote left the Law of 4 August 1982 and ending a discriminatory law inherited from Vichy allowed to punish "by imprisonment of six months to three years and a fine of 60 francs to 20,000 francs for any person who committed an indecent act against nature with a minor person of the same sex. "Many politicians who still occupy the center stage today opposed the repeal of the text. Among them, <a href="http://www. europe1. fr/Politique/Depenaliser-l-homosexualite-En-81-Fillon-disait-non-1401075/"> François Fillon, a young member </ a> and Jean-Claude Gaudin. Here you can

Renzi signed the directive to declassify the documents of the massacres

AGI Agency - Policy

The premier Matteo Renzi signed at Palazzo Chigi Directive on the declassification of documents on the massacres. The directive signed in the presence of the Secretary to the Prime Minister with responsibility for the security of the Republic Marco Minniti and director of Dis, Ambassador Giampiero Massolo has the declassification of documents relating to the facts of Ustica, Peteano, Italicus, Fountain Square, Piazza della Loggia , Gioia Tauro, Bologna Train Station, 904 fast. Palazzo Chigi&#39;s note indicates that, as established in the CISR last Friday, the Directive allows&#39; the advance payment of classified papers in possession of all the government departments that are an important contribution to the historical memory of the country. The documents will be made in chronological order (from oldest to most recent times), overcoming the obstacle posed by the minimum limit of 40 years prescribed by law (that goes for all government departments) before you can allocate a unit to archival &#39; Central Archives. " "One of the key points of our government action is precisely that of transparency and openness," says Matteo Renzi. "In this direction is the decision today who consider it a duty towards the citizens and families of the victims of episodes that remain a dark spot in our collective memory." With the directive is being implemented the law 124/2007 "in an important aspect as that of the recognition of the intelligence files as assets available to scholars, the world of information and of all citizens," says the Secretary Minniti. Also read